5/3 – 5/15 German Iowa and the Global Midwest Traveling Exhibit

You won’t want to miss this historical exhibit from the University of Iowa’s Old Capital Museum as it stops in Polk City on its tour of Iowa!

One third of Iowans claim German heritage – far more than any other ethnic group. Discover why German immigrants flocked to our state and the influence they’ve had on Iowa’s history.

Come and view the banners representing these linked events:
* Willkommen
* Coming to Iowa
* One Language, Many Identities
* Working for a Living
* Community Life
* Brewing, Prohibition, Politics
* German Iowa in Crisis: The Years of Neutrality
* German Iowa in Crisis: The War Years
* New Footing, Continuing Connections
* Economic and Political Crisis
* World War II and Its Aftermath
* The Story Continues

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